diffusion-fx is a "smoke in a can" spray allowing for instant, safe and non-toxic smoke effects to your photo and video.

diffusion-fx features

1. Vertical Nozzle

Allows horizontal, even upside-down operation for using with miniature photography effects.

3. Large Size

Large 350gram (gross weight) size last up to 9minutes of tested continuous output. Most applications only need a good 15-30 seconds of spray to get the effect needed.

2. Lock Down Nozzle

Nozzle can be used for small bursts of spray or "locked down" for continual, unassisted misting.

4. Australian Made

The only 'smoke in a can' product made in Australia to Australian safety specifications.

how does it work?

1. shake the can well
2. spray as much "Professional Haze" as required.
Typical applications are 15-30 seconds.
3. waft the smoke around which will disperse it further
causing more natural "light beams"
4. take your photo

repeat as necessary.
** TIP: this product works best with strong backlight. The effect is weaker with side lighting so experiment!

$24 each

discounts for volume purchases